The One and Only Diamond Platform.
A Lifestyle Finance Platform connected by Diamonds.

Treasureverse is an integrated platform for the diamond industry that upgrades the distribution, consumption, and base culture of diamonds. It draws a new trajectory of the diamond industry through TVS & CO's history tracking and trading system and trust network blockchain technology.

What is Treasureverse

Treasureverse Ecosystem

Treasureverse (TVS), a blockchain-based platform will start as a marketplace-type platform for diamonds and eventually expand its service and business area to a "Life Finance Platform" that provides various financial products such as investment opportunities for rough and loose stone imports and loan services with diamonds. The TVS platform is constructed to reflect the life cycle of diamonds, and all transactions occurring at each stage of the life cycle are safely executed by smart contracts, and all transactions are recorded, stored and verified on the blockchain.

The history of Rough Stone and Loose Stone, which are traded on TVS platform, is recorded and managed in blockchain. The TVS platform issues a certificate of origin of diamonds as NFT (Non-Fungible Token), stores genuine certificates (certificate of authenticity), and registers and manages information on details that can verify quality, such as color, cut, size, and transparency of diamonds on the blockchain.

In addition, TVS platform will find the best jewelry designer in Korea and form an expert pool called "K-Jewelry Designer" within the platform, which will have a unique competitive edge in the global market. The designer's jewelry design is issued as an NFT, giving the value of scarcity to the product and strengthening ownership.

The TVS ecosystem forms a token economy through TVP points that act as a key currency for the platform, and TVS tokens issued by the platform. Treasureverse Token (TVS) and TVP points are means of exchange of value and rewards within the platform. TVP points are used as a basic means of product transactions within the platform. Users on the platform will basically receive TVP points as reward according to the activity index, and TVP points can be purchased (charged) directly within the platform. TVS tokens purchased through the exchange can be exchanged for TVP points on the TVS platform, and services within the platform can be used using the exchanged TVP points. The TVS ecosystem plans to create an expanded token economy by supporting decentralized financial services (De-Fi) in the future.


2021 : Platform design

• Project design
• Blockchain data design
• Securing consortium members
• Platform and token design
• Publishing a white paper

2022 : Opening platform

• E-wallet, platform launch
• Expanding the ecosystem
• Online/offline partnership

2023 : Contents diversification

• Key content promotion
• Expanding partnership for platform contents
• Expanding the ecosystem by upgrading the platform
• Expanding global marketing
• Global virtual asset exchange expansion

2024 : Service advancement

• Advanced platforms based on AI and big data
• Expanding the ecosystem and introducing additional business models

* This roadmap may vary depending on the market situation, the company's development progress, and other circumstances.

Token Plan

Token Information

The basic information on the TVS token issuance plan and NFT is as follows.

Token Name Treasureverse Token
Token Symbol TVS
Standard ERC-20(Ethereum)
Total Supply 20,000,000,000 TVS
NFT Minting Authority TVS & CO
Standard ERC-721(Ethereum)

TVS Token Allocation

Token swap for initial business, development costs and seeds 30%
Constructing and maintaining the ecosystem and platform 25%
Platform development, implementation and system advancement 20%
Marketing 5%
Initial members 10%
Advisors and partners 10%

Funds Management Plan

Development costs 30%
Marketing fees 30%
Service establishing and operating costs 20%
Legal and accounting advisory costs 10%
Company hold and risk preventing costs 10%

Business Partners

Relationship between TVS & CO Foundation and KDE

KDE(Korea Diamond Exchange) is an exclusive Korean exchange of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses(WFDB) that conducts diamond trades through accurate appraisal and trade notice that provides only GIA-certified diamonds. At the 36th WFDB General Assembly, KDE was officially joined as a member representing Korea, and as individual consumption taxes in 2019 and tariffs in 2020 are abolished, it emerged as a reliable operator based on WFDB's authorized network. TVS & CO utilizes KDE's global network to purchase all forms of natural diamonds in order to establish a new virtuous cycle for distribution, including exports.

Treasureverse Platform Vision

The TVS & CO Foundation does its best to increase the value and profit of Treasureverse tokens and to satisfy token owners. The TVS & CO Foundation will use all investments from partners and investors participating in the Treasureverse platform ecosystem for the Treasureverse project. The investment assets and profits held by the TVS & CO Foundation will be used to revitalize the platform ecosystem and will also be used for efficient reinvestment purposes such as M&A and equity investment to expand Treasureverse projects. Ultimately, the TVS & CO Foundation will successfully operate the Treasureverse project, and through this, it will return a significant portion of its business value and profits to investors and partners.